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Closed for all US Holidays including New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Other FAQ

Contact info:

Lewis Center
Ohio 43035 USA
(614) 208-5331

8am-5pm EST

Weekends & evenings are limited

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- Font ID's
- Acrobat reader
- What is raster?
- What is vector?
- Paypal
- more...

problem files

Please visit my blog for detailed issues not listed here

file types

> Microsoft® Word and Powerpoint docs: If possible print out a sample of the file and scan in that printout. Or convert to a PDF file. Include the scan or PDF along with the original doc or ppt file. These files often will look different from one machine to another. Neither program will warn you of missing fonts and some items do not always display correctly.

> Coreldraw® files (CDR): I do not own or use Corel products. Please export your art as an ai or eps from Corel. Don't worry, my vectors will work fine with Coreldraw. You can import AI or EPS files into Corel.

> Publisher® files (PUB): I do not use or own Publisher. Please convert to jpeg, bmp, tif, psd, gif, png, pdf, or eps

vector file set up

> Overlaps versus knockouts: Please specify your preference. A sample of this comparison can be seen by downloading this pdf file overlaps
You can also visit my blog for a more detailed explanation.

> Intentionally rough or bad art: Some logos were designed to have rough edges to simulate a brushed or hand drawn look and appear more organic. If your artwork looks rough and you want it smoothed out, let me know. I can only go by what you have sent me and cannot make assumptions.