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Quick Tips:

> Please specify if you need a vinyl ready file

> Crop out unwanted items that you don't want traced

> When sending photos of artwork, make sure your image is in focus and as straight as possible and avoid using a flash if it hides details

> Mention font names if you know them

> Scan at a resolution that will reveal as much detail as possible. Use the scaling feature in your scanner software

Contact info:

Lewis Center
Ohio 43035 USA
(614) 208-5331

8am-5pm EST

Weekends & evenings are limited

contact me


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- Acrobat reader
- What is raster?
- What is vector?
- Paypal
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Frequently asked questions...

Files and Formats

What file format will I receive?
AI or EPS vector. These can be opened in Illustrator or imported into most any other software that supports vector files. They will be saved as version 3 or 8 for maximum compatibility. PDF files can be sent by request.
Do you use automated tools such as an autotrace?
Rarely and only if you approve. Over 95% of my vector files are traced by hand using Illustrator and a Wacom tablet.
What format are your clipping masks/contour files?
Usually photoshop, but I can also send a vector file that links to your original raster image. Just let me know your preference.
Will fonts be live?
No, all fonts in your art will be converted to paths, thus allowing you to open/import the file with no issues
Can you send me fonts?
No. Fonts are like software and cannot be shared
Can I buy clipart from you?
No. All artwork belongs to the original owner.
What resolution will my vector file be?
Vector files do not typically have a resolution. They can be scaled infinitely with no loss of quality. Resolution is a raster term.
Why did you send me a black or grayscale version of my file?
Every machine outputs and displays colors differently, so if I do apply a color it is for reference only. It is up to you to adjust colors in your software to match your expectations. I am not responsible for output.
My file has incorrect info, shapes or the wrong colors.
Please check your file to make sure it is correct before going to print. It is up to you to adjust colors, check spelling and wrong or missing text, and/or missing shapes. I will redo a job if it is determined to be my fault, but final output and checking for errors rests on the user. If you cannot use my file, I am only responsible for what I charged you and not any money lost from errors in output.
You sent me a file with some rough looking fonts... why?
Some fonts are intentionally rough for various reasons. Some are designed to look like they are brushed, while others were never intended to be viewed at large sizes and thus imperfections are more easily noticed.
Why does my file not open up in my software?
You need to make sure your software opens or imports vectors. I am not responsible if your software is not compatible. Not all software can work with vectors. Ask for a test file to be sure.
Why do you zip eps files?
Sometimes email will corrupt an eps, so I often will send you a zipped file.
What if I want to make changes?
If it is due to my mistake, I will make it right at no charge. I will ask as many questions as possible beforehand to avoid mistakes. If you neglect to tell me something that is not obvious or your customer makes a change, I will charge you for it. A good example of this is sending artwork that is black and white and appears to be joined, and later requesting certain shapes to be separate colors or non-connecting.
I did not get my vector file on time. Can I get a refund?
No. I am not responsible for lost or missing emails. Check your spam/junk settings. Email is not perfect. If I promise you a file, it will be sent in the agreed upon timeframe, otherwise you will be notified beforehand.


How soon will I get the file?
Usually 6-24 hours after your order is placed. Some jobs may take up to 1 extra day if they are complex. I will let you know if more time is needed.
What is a rush?
Anything done in 1-2 hours for simple jobs. Approximately 25-30% will be added to the normal fee. Some complex jobs cannot be done this quickly.
Can I have it ASAP?
Everyone has a different opinion of ASAP, so please give me a timeframe instead, thus avoiding potential unnecessary fees.
What about weekends?
Any order received Friday through Sunday, may not be done until Monday unless an earlier turnaround is agreed upon between both parties.
What time zone are you in and do you work after hours?
Eastern standard time in the US. I do work after hours to get jobs done but rarely answer the phone and may not be around to send quotes or reply to emails. If you are in a Western/Central time zone or out of the country, please take this into consideration when ordering and your expected turnaround. I may not see your emails until the following morning.
Can I cancel my order at any time?
You have up to 2 hours after your order is placed to cancel at no charge. Otherwise you may be charged depending on how much work has been completed.


Can I fill out a form to send credit card info?
No my website is not set up to do so. Please call 614-208-5331
What card info do you need?
Full number, expiration date, ccv code, name on card and billing address
Do you accept paypal?
Yes, when paypal asks for a recipient please fill in my email address and the amount that you were quoted.
Will I get to see the file before paying for it?
No, I require payment upfront before proceeding. All jobs are custom. I have converted thousands of logos and images and have not yet had to refund anyone. I will make it right if there are any issues.