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Raster vs vector:

For a detailed explanation of both formats, click on the link on the right side of this page for a wikipedia definition and illustrations.

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Vector Services

[ Raster to vector conversions ]

Send me your low quality, pixelated raster files and I will trace your image by hand and send back a crisp, fully scalable vector file. All artwork is traced by hand and never autotraced, unless the image is an ideal candidate and you approve. The main advantage of a vector file is that it can be reproduced at any size with absolutely no loss in quality. It will look the same at 1 inch tall or 100 inches tall. More details can be found here. For an explanation of the 2 file types, click on the link to the right.

[ File clean up ]

Do you have a file with too many unnecessary shapes? Or is it not vinyl friendly and you need overcut shapes removed? I can clean it up for you.

[ Logo cleanup, Logo repair, Logo modifications]

If you need to make any changes to your existing logo, send me your artwork for a quote.

[ Font identification / file conversion ]

If you cannot identify a font, I can help you with finding the name. I can also save down existing files into lower versions or alternate filetypes. Font identification can be time consuming. Donations welcome.

[ Maps and fire escape drawings ]

Apartment maps, fire escape drawings, lot drawings. Just ask.

[ Clipping masks ]

A clipping mask is a contour in photoshop that allows you to knock out the background while still retaining the original image. This does not change resolution and will not improve the image, it only removes the background so that you can place your art overtop of another image without covering up that image.