How to save vector tracing fees


Save $

Here are ways you can save money on your vector tracing setup costs.
VINYL or PRINT. Please specify if you need a vinyl ready file or if you are printing. Some vinyl ready files may require additional editing for overlaps, knockouts and overcut shapes. Plus they are harder to edit at a later date if certain changes are required.
CROP & CLEAN UP. Crop out unwanted items that you don't want traced. I will trace everything shown unless told otherwise. Why pay for something you don't need?
STRAIGHT & FOCUSED. When sending photos of artwork, make sure your image is in focus and as straight as possible and avoid using a flash if it hides details.
HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS. If you take a photo with your digital camera or phone, make sure it is on the highest quality and resolution so all details will be clear.
FONTS. Mention font names if you know them. If I have a hard time identifiying a font you may pay for the time it takes to figure out the name to typeset. If I do not have the font, every letter will be traced.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. If you want anything to appear different than what is shown in your file, please let me know beforehand to avoid paying for changes